27 OctSkin Diseases Controlled by Neurons

Scratching MouseIt is difficult not to scratch your skin when it itches.

There are skin diseases that cause intense itching, what is definitely very uncomfortable, annoying and problematic for those affected.

But how can we relieve itching? The mechanisms behind itching are currently not clear. But the new study by Swedish researchers throws some light upon the subject. It shows that the same neurons that are active when a man experience burning pain are also associated with itching.

The research was carried out on mice and it was focused on the nerve cells that transmit signals when the animals experienced burning pain. It was discovered that when the activity of these neurons was suppressed so that they could not transmit signals the mice responded as expected – they experienced less pain, but surprisingly enough, they also began scratching constantly.

Skin diseases such as excessive itching are very uncomfortable. They are also very difficult to treat. For example, itching is a common complication after surgery and skin burns. Eczema and other skin diseases can also cause itching. Finding the factors that stand behind it can trigger development of new treatments for itching. Activating pain fibers to suppress itching seems to be one of them.

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